PureDefenseMMA Mix Martial Art of NinTai


The Art of Mastering Self Discipline with A Focused Mind.

Brought to by Sensei Peacock.


What you learn: Self-discipline, Integrity, Respect, Honesty, Social Skills, Hope, Focus, Fitness, Flexibility, Performance, Endurance…


This is the place for you!

All ages, all fitness levels, experienced or not experienced!

Fun and Fitness for All!!!!

  • Who Can Take NinTai MMA?

All ages and Fitness levels can learn and benefit from NinTai Mix Martial Arts!


  • PureDefenseMMA Nintai Self-discipline:

Is a skill that translates well into every area in life, jobs and study habits are no exception.


Fact: In one study, kids and grownups who studied NinTai were found to perform better, be more attentive, have increased social skills, be able to handle higher stress levels, and have an easier time focusing in class or on the job, than those that did not take NinTai. 

Fact: Taking up NinTai Mix Martial Arts was even found to help children/adults mitigate the symptoms of ADD/ADHD, and allow them to perform and behave better at school, work, and at home. 

Fact: NinTai Mix Martial Arts Can Relieve Stress!


Taking time to invest in, talents and treasures locally,

nationally, and internationally, for the purpose of positively impacting Martial Artists, Non-Martial Artists, parents, as well as other youth and adults;

to demonstrate a steadfast commitment to God and His Word through Service, Integrity, Excellence, and Personal Development.


• *Service: We will model Jesus' example of serving.

• *Integrity: We will demonstrate Christ-like wholeness, privately and publicly.

• *Excellence: We will honor and glorify God in all we do.

• *Personal Development: We will invest time in people and encourage mental,

• Physical and Spiritual growth.

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Work with: Master Trainer and Ninth Degree Black Belt, BA in Exercise Science, MMACA Certified MMA Training Coach, Tactic Trainer, Pilates, Parkour, Flex, Group Fitness, Weapon Artist, Historic Dance Teacher, Sensei Peacock.


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