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Rebecca Peacock
Participation is key to making healthy habits! You are amazing! We can't do this withRising Star!
Bible Talk

Thursday schedule:

Pre recording + live, many selections, something for everyday on your time! Click here:

VIP Online:

*Bible & Warmup

* 8 am MMA Fitness (Jr/LD/BG Focus)

* 9 am: Bible you are greatly loved + Focus Journey starts @ 8mins mark into the video.

Evening Schedule:

In-Person at Location Upper dojo/parkour range:

Self Defense & Tactical Game day, bring all gear!

* 4 pm Little Dragons/Jr White - Orange

* 5 pm White -Orange (Adv Open gym)

* 6 pm Green - Brown

Masters Club Adjourn to Lower Dojo OG

* 7 pm Masters Club (Blue-Brown only)

* 8 pm Online Mix Belt (Warm up Buns & Guns + Abs & Calisthenics) Lesson Sword/Escrima -

Please bring all your gear. Masters Club must clean up prior to going into the dojo.

We can't do this without you!

We can't do this without you!


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